Losing your car key is an immensely frustrating experience, particularly if you don’t have a spare key. In this blog, we’re going to focus on what course of action you should take in order to regain access to your vehicle.

Don’t Panic

The last thing you want to hear in this situation is “stay relaxed, don’t panic,” but it’s really important. You’re not the first person who’s ever lost their car keys. In fact, over 20 million keys are lost in the United States every year.

We understand that you’re flustered, but panicking will only add to your agony. Remaining calm will allow you to think clearly and come up with an immediate plan of action to rectify the situation.

Search the Immediate Area


Now that you’re calm and composed, start searching nearby for the key—there’s a chance you dropped it close. Trace your steps to narrow down the search area.

Perhaps you went to grab a cup of coffee from Starbucks and forgot the keys on the table? Maybe it’s in your back pocket? How about in the last bathroom you went to? Exhaust all the possibilities.

Check Your Car

Though most new cars have an alarm system that reminds you to take the keys out from the ignition, it’s fairly common for people to forget them on the seat or accidentally drop them inside the car.

You should also check your car to ensure that you haven’t forgotten the key inside the vehicle. If that’s the case, you should try to find alternative points of access. For instance, you should check if there’s a rolled down window or if the trunk of your car is unlocked.

Call a Professional Locksmith

Once you’ve exhausted all the options, it’s time to call a professional locksmith. They have all the necessary tools and equipment required to safely open the lock of your car without damaging your locking system. It’s important that you call an experienced locksmith, especially if you have a new car with a complicated lock system as not all locksmiths have the expertise to open the advanced locks.

You should also let the locksmith the type of key system your car supports. Is it transponder key? Keyless entry remote? Or a traditional car key? This will help them understand which key you need to get and ensure no complications arise later.

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