You’re always losing your car keys. You got locked out of your car again yesterday after doing groceries. So you had no choice but to juggle three bags of groceries, while you looked through your messenger bag and coat pockets. You even got down on your knees without caring about getting dirt marks on your new sweats as you searched for them underneath the car. In the end, you had to call up a locksmith service to bail you out of this mess.

But before leaving, the locksmith suggested you get a duplicate key made. After all, getting locked out so often isn’t exactly funny or cheap!

So are duplicate car keys even worth it or are they a hassle? Let’s find out!

car keys


Getting locked out of your car in the middle of nowhere can be a nightmare, especially when there are no locksmith services nearby. And since you can’t exactly complete the remaining journey without your car, you have no choice but to roll up your sleeves and get down to business.

So you try using your shoelace to pick the lock. Or perhaps, you resort to using a long strip of plastic to slide through the crack of your car’s door. Whatever DIY option you choose, you stand the risk of damaging your car and its lock mechanism. Not only that, but all of these damages can also be very expensive to repair. But with a second key, you’re able to save your car from damage and yourself from paying for the repairs.


Imagine losing your car keys just 30 minutes before your doctor’s appointment. Even if you call to reschedule, the earliest appointment that you can get is a month later. So you have no other option, but to search for your missing keys again! Which if you don’t, means a double whammy with a missed doctor’s appointment and missing keys. But with a duplicate key, you can get out of these sticky situations easily without having to worry about a thing!

No Unwanted Lockouts

Whether you forgot your original car keys inside the car or dropped them while you went for your morning run, a duplicate key will ensure you never get locked out again. So don’t forget to carry a duplicate car key in your bag or pocket to avoid such situations.

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