It’s 7 in the morning and the breeze smells of fresh blooms. I sling the leather bag across my shoulder as I walk toward my car. I can barely contain the excitement bubbling deep in my stomach. Today’s a big day, after all! A day that can set the course for the rest of my professional life.

So I pat down my coat pockets to retrieve the car keys. The sooner I get on the road the better, I think to myself. But my car keys are nowhere in sight! I can feel the panic setting in, twisting its tendrils. I can’t be late today! I panic as I rummage through my leather bag and pockets.

I even run all the way home in my desperation to retrieve the keys. But guess what? The keys have disappeared, leaving me locked out on one of the most important days of my professional life.

I count to ten and take deep breathes. Then I try to crack the problem.

Think of it as a business deal, I tell myself.

Get a Wire Hanger

It’s 7:30 a.m. and I’m running out of time. I rack my brains trying to think of a way to get inside the car. Suddenly, I remembered the day when my dad left his keys inside the car. Was it the 4th of July party or the Thanksgiving dinner at Uncle Johnny’s? I muse. But that doesn’t matter much now, does it?

So I run home again to get a wire hanger. Untwist it to make a hook. Then I force it through the weather stripping in the car’s window. My heart aches seeing myself treat my car like that. It deserves all the care in the world, yet here I’m using a wire to maul it.

Ignoring the thoughts, I jiggle the hook around trying to find the lock mechanism. But 5 minutes in and I’m not having much luck.

Time to move onto the next step!

Use a Plastic Strip

Since a wire hanger didn’t help much, I decided to use a long plastic strap. After all, when are all those lessons from cop movies going to come in handy! I bend the piece in half, marveling at my strength as I force it through the crack of the door. But a few seconds later, I can’t stand the sight of me disrespecting my car like that.


Get Professional Help

Nothing seems to be working, so I pulled my phone out. Luckily, a close friend had recently told me about a reliable locksmith service that got her out of a fix. So I decided to give them a call too.

Guess what? They arrived within 10 minutes when I told them about the emergency. They took a good look at my car and then within moments—they unlocked my car door for me!

This feels good, I think to myself as I run my hands over the leather seats. Meetings can wait tomorrow; I’m going to get a duplicate key made first!

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